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Haircut / 美发

Supermodel Beyond has a wide range of experience in all different styles for women, men, and children. Haircuts can be just a cut or trim to a full wash and dry. We can complete your look in any style you wish from Updos to Perms and everything else.

看闷了一尘不变的自己?Supermodel Beyond拥有各项专业的美发服务,无论大人或小孩,我们专业的美发造型师都能依据您的脸型轮廓帮您找出最适合自己的发型,让您给别人焕然一新的感觉!

Colouring / 染发

Get the perfect color for your hair and hairstyle from our salon. Add some colours to accent your hair style, change the shade of your hair color, or even change the color completely. Whatever you would like to do, our stylists can give you options that you will love.


Digital Perm / 烫发

Digital Perm
Digital Perm is a new technique of creating a shiny and bouncy wave to your hair. As a new trend-setting hairstyling treatment, the digital perm uses temperature controlled rods that are all powered by a machine with a digital display(hence the name).

A digital perm creates the wave as if you have used a curling iron and makes the wave more prominent when the hair is dry against a normal perm. Digital perms also thermally recondition the hair which is a similar process to a straightening perm.


Highlighting / 挑染

After a bit of extra light in your hair? Whether you want to restore radiance to dull hair or you just fancy changing colour, highlight is the easiest way to transform your shade to something altogether much more interesting.


Rebonding / 离子烫发

Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that makes your hair straight, sleek and shiny. Every woman desires beautiful hair and rebonding can give life to that desire.

Rebonding is a hair treatment that can change the way you look and feel.


Hair Treatment / 头发护理

Hair Treatment
We have an extensive range of hair treatments for damaged hair. Giving you back the strong, shiny and healthy locks you love, we use advanced haircare products and formulas to nourish and replenish your hair from the inside out. We treat various hair types and concerns, from dry and frizz-prone, to fine and limp, our stylists can advise on the best treatment for your hair.

头发中含有大约15%的水分,但如果低于10%,就会立刻呈现出种种干燥的现象:静电,发丝飘落,发端分叉。头发是身体上最容易脏的部分,头发与皮肤一样也有油性、中性和干性的分别。Supermodel Beyond为您提供各种护发护理,我们专业的美发护理师会依据您的发质情况提供您专业的意见。